Run & Ride the Hills | Off Road Trail Bike or Run


Traverse farm tracks and bush areas normally closed to the public.  Soak in the spectacular views, challenging terrain and make it an event to remember.

Course Options and Details


50km Ultra Trail Run
21km Trail Run
50km Mountain Bike 
(E bike category option)
21km Mountain bike
(E bike category option)
6km Trail Run

Please note:
Updated maps will be provided closer to the event.  This event uses private property made accessible on the day of the event only.  Please do not attempt to train on the course.
Distances are as accurate as the variances in standard GPS devices.  


The Gutbuster is mapped over steep to rolling farmland with a variety of tracks.  You will find well-used stock tracks with gravelled sections, challenging and steep in parts. After rain, or in snow, the tracks can become slippery and it's not uncommon for runners to take a tumble. We recommend that you do most of your training off-road so that you are better prepared for the conditions.

The terrain is generally rolling to steep sloping in profile and generally quite easy to run or walk through, however the continuous hill climbs will be challenging.  There is only one small waterfilled ford to cross.  There is also a swamp and bridges but all manageable.

As we are traversing private farmland there will be livestock, sheep and cattle grazing throughout the farms. Tracks will range from gravel roads to slippery, formed farm tracks, steep papa tracks (which can be slippery in the wet) and easy grass paddocks.  You will not be running directly past beehives, but keep in mind there could be bees or wasps in the area.  Most gates will be open but you will have to lift bikes or climb over a couple of fences

Aid Stations

There are 5 aid stations for your convenience.
Aid stations will carry water and Tailwind electrolyte, bananas, jet planes and chips.
First Aid equipment and radio communications are available at each aid station in the event of an emergency.

Course (Run/MTB)LocationDistance from start
21km / 50kmSolitts Hayshed6kms
21km / 50kmHukaroa Trig13.5kms
50km Tanupara Woolshed17.5kms
50km Waipuna Woolshed
(Dropbag pick up)
50km Tuahu Woolshed37.5km
50km Hukaroa Trig42.5km
6kmFinish line (Waimarino Showgrounds)6km

All distances are approximate.

Support on course for your Off Road Trail Bike or Run

Mechanical Support

TCB will be providing a bike mechanic at race HQ for the day but there is no guarantee they will be available just when you need them so carrying basic tools and spares is a smart plan.

Safety and Medical On-Course

The Raetihi and Waimarino Voluntary Fire Brigade are providing first aid response based from each aid station.  There is also a roving 4x4 on the off-road trail course.If you do come across an incident, please stop and provide assistance.  Send the next participant through to notify an event official of the situation.  All incidents to be reported to the event officials.  (This helps us ensure everyone is accounted for and assists with future planning and follow up care)

Safety Cut Off Times

To ensure yours and the event crew safety, the following cut off times and locations apply for the 50km Off Road Trail Bike or Run.

Course      Cut Off Time Return Course OptionReturn Distance 
Re-routed at 21km turn off, return following the 21km course 10km
Called off at Tanupura Woolshed and return along Mangaeturoa South Rd to the Tuahu Aid Station and link up with the existing course. (Total 34km)16.5km

Compulsory Gear - for your safety and comfort

Taking on the Raetihi Gutbuster is not something that runners and bikers do lightly. The nature of the steep to rolling terrain and unpredictable weather make this a requirement.

In addition to the compulsory gear required we strongly encourage you to carry more layers of clothing than the compulsory list, so a backpack capable of carrying all your equipment will be essential.  We recommend using a drybag or sealed ziplock bag to make sure your stuff stays dry inside your pack.  A change bag with additional layers can be delivered to the Waipuna Aid Station.

If you are injured and require extraction it could be by foot, 4x4 motorbike or helicopter and this could take staff several hours to reach you.  

There is a compulsory gear check at registration and there may be spot checks on the course.  Anyone found not to be in possession of all compulsory items will be automatically disqualified from the event.

Drop Bag: An optional drop bag with additional supplies can be handed in at registration and will be delivered to the Waipuna Aid station

Equipment - Trail Run

  • Trail Running shoes (clean)
  • Hydration and nutrition sufficient for your event distance
  • Simple first aid kit
  • Waterproof Jacket - seam sealed
  • 1x Thermal long sleeved tops
  • Thermal hat or buff
  • Emergency survival bag
  • Whistle
  • Prescribed personal medication if required
  • Mobile phone (for emergencies although coverage is patchy at best)
  • Suitable hydration carrying option

Note: for the 6km event, only comfortable running shoes and a smile are required.

Equipment MTB Course

  • Bike - Mountain bike or E-Mountain bike and helmet
    (Bikes must be mechanically sound with good tyres and brakes)
  • E-bikes should have sufficient charge in batteries - there are no options on course.
  • Bike repair kit including spare tube & pump 
  • Hydration and nutrition sufficient for your event distance
  • Simple first aid kit
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • 1 x Thermal long sleeved tops
  • Gloves
  • Emergency blanket
  • Prescribed personal medication if required
  • Mobile phone (for emergencies although coverage is patchy at best)

It is your responsibility to ensure your bike is mechanically sound and road worthy.  Keep in mind it's not just your safety but the safety of other competitors in the event too.