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Ride the Roads

The road ride to and / or from Pipiriki to Raetihi is legendary.  With 643m of total elevation on the standard course, this will test your quads and your lungs - although the stunning scenery is a welcome distraction.  There is nothing more satisfying than a journey complete!

Course Options and Details


Ascent / Descent


50 km

643 m ↑
643 m ↓

Raetihi- Pipiriki return
A true challenge!

  • Roads are not closed for this event, so please keep an eye out for traffic and obey the road rules.
  • Traffic warning signs will be in place.
Aerial Map of Road Bike Course | Raetihi Gutbuster


Any standard road, gravel, or mountain bike.  Separate E-bike categories. 

  • Helmets must be worn

  • It is your responsibility to ensure your bike is mechanically sound and road worthy.  Bear in mind it's not just your safety but the safety of other competitors in the event too.

  • Each competitor should carry (and know how to use) a puncture repair kit or spare tube

  • Carry plenty of water - there are aid stations at each end of the course.

  • Recommended to carry waterproof jacket, warm top and mobile phone for emergencies.

On course support for Ride the Roads

Mechanical Support

TCB will be supporting with a bike mechanic at event HQ for the day but there is no guarantee they will be available just when you need them so carrying basic tools and spares is a smart plan.

Aid Stations

Aid stations at Pipiriki will have water, bananas, jet planes and other goodies.  You should not rely on these and carry sufficient hydration and nutrition with you.