Thanks for coming - 2024 was a blast!  Race results live and photos will be loaded to our Facebook Page :-)

Safety for All

Race Safety

The roads are not closed for the 50k road cycle road and along with sections on the 5km and 21km race so please keep an eye out for traffic on the road and obey normal road rules.

Remember that the runners and cyclists will be sharing the same road. The course is remote so pay attention to markers and marshals and keep yourself safe.

Race Bibs and Tags

Runners must wear their race bibs on the front of their shirts so visible at all times. 
Cyclist must also have the race plate on the front of their bikes so visible at all times.

Incident Reporting

There will be marshals around the courses who have comms to report an incident. If there is another runner or cyclist in trouble, please be considerate to one another and assist in the following way:

Try to communicate with the person and provide assistance, if you are able

Send the next participant through to notify the next event official of the situation and location of the incident. Once you’ve finished the course, please report the incident to a member of staff or the medic team.

All accidents, incidents and near misses (collectively known as incidents) are to be reported to the Event Manager immediately

Personal Safety

  • Do not start the race if you are unwell or injured.  You will place yourself and others at risk.
  • Drink to thirst. Drink varied fluids, take on food during the race, have a varied intake.
  • Be prepared for all conditions; hot, cold, dry or wet.  Have a plan for a range of conditions.
  • Look out for each other.  If you are concerned about another runner/biker, please notify the marshals.
  • Don’t drive home if you are fatigued.  Have someone drive you or stay the night at the event. 


If you need to withdraw for any reason, you must notify an event official e.g. marshal or course crew and await instructions. Any runner or rider who is unable to finish the run must personally inform the nearest Aid Station of their decision to withdraw and make sure their race number is recorded.

Personal medication

Participants who require any personal prescribed medication, must carry those items with them