Raetihi Gutbuster Terms and Conditions

Health and Safety


Safety of all people associated with the event is of paramount importance.  The event will be run with a strong focus of safety standards. With any outdoor sporting event there are risks involved.  Please be prepared and take care to avoid and minimised the risks that you will encounter on race day. 

Safety management systems used will include course markings, traffic management, emergency planning and participant briefing.  

Specific problems to be aware of whilst running or biking over the private farmland are that there will be livestock, sheep and cattle grazing throughout the farms. Tracks will range from good metal surfaces to slippery, (if wet) steep papa tracks, formed farm tracks and easy grass paddocks.  You will not be running directly past beehives, but keep in mind there could be bees in the area. Likewise with wasps.  Most gates will be open but you will have to lift bikes or climb over a couple of fences. 

Roads for the road bike option will be open with traffic notification signage in place  

Risks to be aware of may include:

  • Accident/injury
  • Bridges
  • Cliffs and banks
  • Extreme weather conditions including flooding, rain and snow
  • Slippery tracks
  • Steep slopes
  • Streams and ditches
  • Uneven terrain
  • Vegetation spikes, prickles, sharp leaf edges, thistles, manure
  • Bees and wasps
  • Dropouts
  • Low light conditions
  • Getting lost
  • Dehydration
  • Heat stroke / Hyperthermia
  • Sharing the track with cyclists and runners/walker
  • Livestock in the paddocks
  • Fatigue
  • Medical problems
  • Poor fitness
  • Renal shutdown
  • Hypothermia
  • 4x4 motor bikes on the track supporting the race
  • Vehicles/public roads/competitors/spectators hit by traffic

Covid Event Policy

For the Raetihi Gutbuster to happen within the new COVID-19 Protection framework (traffic light system) we will require our Ruapehu region to be in Green or Orange settings.  If we are in Red setting, or any form of lockdown, we will cancel the event.

If the event goes ahead due to our settings being in Green or Orange we will require the use of vaccine certificates (for anyone over the age of 12 years old). A ‘My Vaccine Pass’ can be obtained for anyone to prove they are fully vaccinated (or medically exempt) and will need to be scanned as you enter the event. More info on vaccine certificates can be found here My Vaccine Pass | Unite against COVID-19 (covid19.govt.nz) 

In the case that the event is cancelled due to Covid-19; a 90% entry fee refund will be issued to all competitors.

Event Cancellation & Force Majeure Policy

A Force Majeure situation may include "Acts of State"/government restrictions/directives which make staging the event illegal, epidemics/pandemics, communicable disease, war, riots, insurrection, acts of terrorism, protests, work stoppage, slowdowns, labour difficulty, natural disasters (floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis), forecast or actual major adverse weather events (relating to cyclones/storms/wind/rough water/rainfall/hail/lightning) or other health and safety concerns which make delivering the planned Event unsafe. Outside of above, a Force Majeure situation covers any other cause beyond the organiser’s reasonable control making it impossible for some or all aspects of the Event to occur as planned. If the Event is cancelled in full for any reason other than at the direction of police or local authorities, or due to a Force Majeure situation, I understand and agree that the Event will provide a remedy to entrants that will be consistent with its obligations under the NZ Consumer Guarantees Act. If the Event is altered for any reason (alterations may modify, delay, shorten, re-route or stop some aspects of the planned Event, or include a virtual format) other than at the direction of police or local authorities, or due to a Force Majeure situation, I acknowledge and agree that in these circumstances any such alteration of the Event is a not a major failure within the meaning of the NZ Consumer Guarantees Act, and that the altered Event remains fit for purpose and provided within a reasonable timeframe.

Withdrawals and Refunds

Time frame% Refund
Up to 28th February80% refund of entry fee
1st Mar – 25th March 50% of the entry fee
26th March – 8th April
(1-14 days prior to event day)
No refund
On the day (or after)No refund
Due to Covid-19 cancellation90%of the entry fee

To withdraw from your chosen event please email our Race Secretary  

Any refunds due will be credited to the card you used to pay your entry fee (minus the appropriate cancellation fee).  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Conditions of Entry

  1. I have read and understand the information regarding this event and understand that I participate in this event at my own risk.
  2. I acknowledge and accept that trail running, and mountain biking carries an inherent risk of injury, illness and in extreme cases, death.
  3. By entering this event you are aware that while every effort will be made to keep   you safe, you are ultimately responsible for yourself while on the course. The Raetihi Gutbuster organising committee, manged under Raetihi Promotions Charitable Trust and the private landowners who have made their properties available for this event, will not be held responsible for accidents, incidents or death.
  4. All competitors compete at their own risk and agree to abide by rules and observe safety requirements.
  5. I understand that competing in the Raetihi Gutbuster involves running, walking and cycling on tracks of gentle to steep terrain.  The hazards may include but are not limited to; actions of spectators, bridges, banks, cliffs, fatigue, flooding, getting lost, general public, heat stroke or exhaustion, hypothermia, ice, snow, low light, loose rocks, other competitors, motor vehicle traffic, roots, stream crossings, slippery surfaces, vehicles, vegetation, weather conditions including storms.
  6. I hereby attest and verify that I am physically fit and have trained sufficiently for this event.
  7. I have provided correct and accurate information about myself and my emergency contact, including contact phone numbers and medical details.
  8. I acknowledge that although the Raetihi Gutbuster has medical personnel and resources at various points along the course, the inaccessibility of much of the trail will make it difficult or impossible for medical assistance to reach me immediately and extractions may take a period of time.
  9. I agree to allow event medical staff to treat me as they see fit.
  10. I hereby allow the use of my name and image to be used in the media and for marketing purposed for this event only.
  11. I will stay on the marked course at all times, unless instructed by event staff.
  12. I will obey all course markings
  13. I will wear or take the compulsory safety equipment required by the event.
  14. My support crew and I will obey the instructions given by event staff.
  15. I accept I may be pulled from the course at any time with the discretion of event staff, primarily for, but not limited to, safety reasons.
  16. I will complete the entire course under my own power.
  17. I will be respectful of the land owned by private land holders.
  18. I will not litter
  19. Dogs are not allowed on the course.
  20. Any participate who is unable to finish the event must inform the nearest event staff of their decision to withdraw and make sure their race number is recorded.
  21. Participants who leave the course/event without informing staff of their race number will be classified as “missing”.  The participant will be contacted on their mobile phone and their emergency contact will be called.  If there is no response from either party or the emergency contact does not know the status of the runner, walker or mountain biker, a search will be activated.  Any search related costs will be charged to the participant.
  22. I understand that the event transfer and refund policies are, as stated on the website at the time I entered and are no negotiable.
  23. I hereby acknowledge this waiver, release and indemnity discharge all persons, corporations, associations, and bodies involved or otherwise engaged in promoting or staging the event and their servants, agents, representatives, offices, and employees.  This includes but is not limited to the various committees, members, and employees of all independent contracted suppliers to the event, local councils, landowners, cities and districts and their respective officers, directors, employees, independent contractors, representatives, agents, volunteers, event organisers and sponsors whether or not the loss, injury or damage is attributed to the act of neglect of any or more of them.
  24. I also understand that my contact details will be added to the events database, and that I will receive emails directly from the Raetihi Gutbuster.  I understand that I can unsubscribe from this database at any time.  The event will not, under any circumstances, distribute at any time, the contact details of those on the event database.
  25. Violations of any rules may be grounds for disqualification from the Raeithi Gutbuster for one or more years, or other sanctions such as time penalties, fines and/or disqualification for awards.  In the case of a very serious breach of these rules, the participant may be banned from all events run by Raetihi Promotions Charitable Trust.
  26. In accepting the entry conditions, you are bound to all matters relating to the event and accept that any decisions the Organising Committee makes will be final. 
  27. The Organising Committee reserves the right, at their absolute discretion, to refuse entry to individuals whom they deem to not be capable of safely completing the event.
  28. Entries to the Raetihi Gutbuster are NOT transferable.
  29. Strictly one entry per person, per event.
  30. The competing runner MUST be the person named on the entry and will be asked for formal identification.
  31. In accepting the entry conditions, you are authorising your name, voice, photograph, video or any information provided on your entry form to be used, without payment, in any public broadcast, telecast, advertising, promotion, social media setting or in any other way relating to this event.
  32. Under no circumstances will the Organising Committee, its sponsors, or any party associated with the event including their employees or agents, have any responsibility or be liable in contract, tort or otherwise, to compensate any competitor or any other party that is directly or indirectly associated with that competitor, for any loss, (including financial loss), injury, damage or death arising directly or indirectly from: (a) their intended or actual participation in the event and its related activities; (b) any act, omission, error or delay (whether negligent or otherwise) of the Organising Committee, sponsors or any party associated with the event or its employees or agents.
  33. Any complaints regarding the vents will be handled by the Raetihi Promotions Charitable Trust in accordance with its complaints